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About Us

Performance Physical Therapy and Sports Lab opened its doors in early 2013 to fulfill Calvin’s dream of starting a physical therapy practice that delivers care to orthopedic patients and athletes in a more honest and ethical way.  With the changing healthcare environment, clinicians in all areas of medicine are burdened with adapting to a restructured reimbursement plan.  Because of this, Calvin feels that oftentimes the focus is shifted off of the patient and onto fulfilling new healthcare criteria.

Performance PT was established to counteract that shift and to offer one-on-one, patient-centered treatment sessions.  We are a “hands-on” team with the belief that better outcomes occur with physical touch.  Performance PT also values patient education and will not set patients free to perform exercises without professional oversight, exhaustive technique instruction and biomechanical explanation.  Above all else, Performance PT hopes to restore a better quality of life for our patients who suffer from pain and functional limitations.

Not only does Performance PT treat orthopedic injuries and post-surgical cases in patients of all ages and levels of function, we also offer sports performance training services as a part of the Sports Lab.  Whether it is improving strength and conditioning or carrying out a return to sport protocol, Calvin has immense experience with athletes in most mainstream sports.